M2 Trust Services offers individuals the ability to establish Self-directed IRA accounts for the purposes of investing in non-publicly traded Alternative Investments.

You will find more detailed information on the various supplemental retirement plans available to you in our Learning Center including a link to IRS Publication 590A and B.

IRAs for Individuals

Traditional IRAs offer tax deductibility of contributions while savings growth is tax deferred. Roth IRAs do not offer any tax deductibility, however, all account growth can be tax fee if certain conditions are met. To learn more about your individual retirement savings options, click on this link Individual IRA Overview.

IRAs for Self-employed and Small Business Owners

Small business owners, independent contractors and the self-employed wishing to set aside money for the future should consider a Self-directed SEP or Simple IRA. These types of IRA plans are low cost and easy to establish. With an M2 Trust IRA you have the ability to self-direct your investing in a wide variety of alternative investments. Click on this link to learn more about Small Business Retirement Plans