Effective April 11, 2023 all iTrust Capital clients were transferred to Fortress Trust. Please reach out to iTrust Capital directly for any concerns.

If you are a lost participant, please contact M2 Rollover Services at 303.962.7357.

About M2 Trust Services

M2 Trust, founded by industry experts, addresses the needs of individuals and professionals who are searching for a specialized custodian that will provide personalized and responsive service while delivering accurate, efficient and transparent custodial services.

M2 Trust is a Colorado-chartered trust company regulated by the State of Colorado Division of Banking.  Our corporate headquarters are located in beautiful and scenic Denver.

Services We Offer


The Traditional IRA offers individuals a supplemental retirement savings plan that offers tax deductibility of contributions and tax deferred growth.

The Roth IRA does not offer any tax deductibility, however, all account growth can be tax free if certain conditions are met. To learn more about your individual retirement savings options, click on this link Individual IRA Overview.

For small business owners and the self employed, a SEP IRA offers an "easy-to-setup" and low cost option for providing individual retirement savings plans for owners and employees. Click on this link to learn more about Small Business Retirement Plans.



Individuals are permitted to further diversify their IRA portfolios with the addition of non-publicy traded Alternative Investments.

Real Estate Investing, Promissory Note Investments, Private Placement Investments or investments in a Single Member LLC are examples of alternative investments that can be held in a self-directed IRA.

There are Rules and Regulations, however, that should be followed when self-directing an alternative investment. Click here to review the list of Prohibited Transactions with Disqualified Persons.


M2 Trust has the experience to address the specialized custody needs of individuals, entities, retirement plan sponsors, investment professionals, and financial institutions. We provide custody services for missing participant rollover accounts and escrow and asset safekeeping services.

Our M2 Trust Service Offerings document will provide you with more detailed information on how M2 Trust can work for you.


Why Choose M2 Trust?

We know what our clients want -- efficient and accurate processing, account activity transparency, self-service features, reasonable fees and, most importantly, a service team that is genuinely interested in helping.


Responsive and engaged client services

Our company values our relationships with our clients.

We take the time to assist you with account opening, funding, investing as well as distribution requests.  We also provide educational and support services for the self-directed IRA investor.


Decades of knowledge and experience

Our expertise is based on over 85 years of combined experience in the custody and administration of alternative assets held in self-directed IRAs.

Our experience translates into efficient and accurate transactions on behalf of our clients.


Technology designed with our clients in mind

We deploy technology intelligently in order to increase our efficiency allowing us more time to focus on our clients' needs.

Our systems provide a high level of account and transaction transparency keeping our clients informed in real time.



Reasonable and flexible service fees

Our fee structure is reasonable, flexible and fair.

Our fees are based on asset type and asset administration activity and not on account value.  We won't charge you higher fees as your account value grows.