How Do I?

Wondering what next steps to take on your self-directed IRA investing journey?

We've put together summary descriptions of the most common self-directed IRA activities. Click here to learn How Do I?

Forgot what investment documents are required to direct an investment?

Our Investor Guides will provide you with all the information you need to get your self-directed IRA investing process started.

Investor Guides

The following guides were created to give investors and their trusted advisors detailed information on the various types of Alternative Investments that may be held in a self-directed IRA.

Considering an investment in a privately held company?  Read about M2 Trust's requirements in the following document.

Private Offering Investment Guide

Have you been learning about investing in promissory notes and/or deeds of trust?  Learn about M2 Trust's process for assisting with promissory note investments by reviewing our Private Debt guide.

Private Note Investment Guide

Thinking about adding a real estate investment to further diversify your self-directed IRA portfolio?  There are definite rules and regulations that must be followed in addition to M2 Trust's transaction process.  The following guide can help you understand the process and procedures to follow.

Real Estate Investment Guide