Employer Plan Services with Automatic Rollover IRA / Uncashed Check Solution!

M2 Trust has created an Automatic Rollover IRA / Uncashed Check Program which satisfies the DOL safe harbor provisions, thereby allowing employers to reduce their administrative burden, fiduciary liability and plan management expenses. Once the employer establishes an Automatic Rollover IRA / Uncashed Check Program on behalf of a former employee and sends M2 Trust the funds, that person is no longer a participant in the employer’s retirement plan.

Check out our Employer Guide for more detailed information about our Automatic Rollover IRA / Uncashed Check Program.

Highlights of M2 Trust Services’ Automatic Rollover IRA / Uncashed Check Program
  • Easy set-up process
  • No cost to Employer/Plan Sponsor
  • No account minimums
  • DOL safe harbor compliant
  • Eliminates employer expenses
  • Limits employer exposure to fiduciary risk
  • Eliminates employer’s need to track former employees
  • M2 Trust continues to try and locate the former employee
  • Participant funds deposited into FDIC insured Cash Management Account
  • Participant can elect to keep account with M2 Trust, take distribution, transfer to another IRA, or have funds deposited into their new employer’s plan
  • M2 Trust’s fees are compliant with regulations and are charged to the ex-employee’s IRA


How to Get Started!

Download the Employer Guide and review the information to determine the services in which you are interested. Next, contact us and we will answer any questions you may have and then we'll be able to send you the correct service agreement that needs to be executed. We will provide you with a link to securely return the executed agreement to us via our secure and encrypted web portal.*

* Once you click the Secure Portal link it will open a new tab in your internet browser where you can drag and drop the completed paperwork. Once this is done we receive an immediate email notification and will access the paperwork. We will review the information and will notify you by email if we have any questions or once your account has been activated.





If you have any questions concerning M2 Trust Services' Automatic Rollover IRA and Uncashed Check Program, please contact us.


Contact Information:

Phone: (888) 265-1225

Email: ClientServices@M2Trustservices.com