Asset Custody Services for Individuals and Entities

M2 Trust provides tailored custody and safekeeping of assets, including non-publicly traded securities, for individuals and business entities. Information and an application for M2 Trust's personal custody services can be found by following this link: Personal Custody Account Agreement.



Accurate, Secure, and Timely Processing for Escrows

As your escrow agent, our corporate trust team tracks the details of your transaction and executes our duties with precision and alacrity, including:

  • Receipt and distribution of funds
  • 1099 Tax reporting
  • Day-to-day monitoring of your account until the terms of your agreement are satisfied


What types of Escrow Services does M2 Trust provide?

M2 Trust provides escrow services to facilitate a wide range of transactions. As an independent third party, our escrow services may be deployed for a variety of situations including:

  • Acquisitions/Mergers
  • Contractor Retentions
  • Construction/Project Finance
  • Good Faith Deposits
  • Holdback Escrows
  • Investment Offerings
  • Litigation Settlements
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Qualified Settlement Funds
  • Settlement Appeal


What are the benefits to choosing M2 Trust for my escrow needs?

We have a friendly escrow staff that is committed to providing exceptional customer service to our clients. Our services will minimize administrative burdens and increase the potential to secure profitable business deals. Our staff can process deposits, payments, disbursements, and transfers efficiently while accurately maintaining the accounting records. We provide regular reports of account activity and file IRS Form 1099 annually when necessary.

Questions?For more information about our escrow services please review our Escrow Services FAQs.


For more information about M2 Trust's custody & escrow services or to open an account, please contact us by phone at (888) 265-1225 or by sending an email to