How do I find an alternative investment?

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Since you are self-directing your IRA investments, you, the account owner, are totally responsible for selecting and performing due diligence on the targeted investment.

As a “directed custodian” M2 Trust Services does not perform any due diligence on any investment, recommend or endorse any type of investment, nor does it provide any tax, legal or advisory services.  We simply assist, at your direction, in completing the investment transaction.  Our role is to custody and administer the assets held in your self-directed IRA and provide annual reporting to you and the IRAs as required.

M2 Trust Services has instruction sheets and documentation requirements to help you understand our requirements and processing timeframe for various types of alternative investments.

Some important points to remember:

  • The investment will be made in the name of the custodian for the benefit of your IRA. Where you would normally enter your name as the purchaser or investor you should enter the following:

M2 Trust Services Company, Custodian FBO (your name) IRA Account Number

All investment paperwork should be signed by the account owner as “read and approved” and sent directly to M2 Trust Services for processing. M2 Trust Services will execute the documents on behalf of your IRA.